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Spain considers ban on dubbing in bid to boost English language skills

A new proposal from the ruling Popular Party could see Spain say adios to the practice of dubbing foreign programmes on television as a way of improving the nation's English proficiency.

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Comma Story- Terisa Folaron

Let’s Begin…

It isn't easy holding complex sentences together (just ask a conjunction or a subordinate), but the clever little comma can help lighten the load. But how to tell when help is really needed? Terisa Folaron offers some tricks of the comma trade.


Does Being Bilingual Make You Smarter?

Key Points:Does being bilingual make you smarter?

  • Bilingualism improves executive function
  • Executive function is the control system of the mind, responsible for focus, planning & attention
  • The benefits of bilingualism start as early as seven months of age
  • Young bilinguals may develop stronger problem-solving skills, have more empathy, and be more sociable
  • The controversial "critical window" to learn a second language is from ages 5 - 15



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