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155 Frases necesarias para una conversación en inglés

El inglés tiene muchas expresiones idiomáticas que a veces son difíciles de entender, pero es fundamental conocerlas.

Para aquellos que no quieren cometer errores a la hora de hablar y traducir, Genial.guru juntó las expresiones más populares en una simple y útil tabla.

Te deseamos éxito en el aprendizaje.


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20 Essential English Idioms for Sounding Like a Native


So you’re in an American bar.

It’s loud, but you can make out what people are saying.

You hear a fellow drinker talking about hitting books…

…another is talking about twisting someone’s arm…

…and it sounds like someone’s been stabbed in the back.

What the heck is going on?

You scratch your head and wonder why you’re still lost even though you can translate the words.

Well, you’ve just had your first introduction to English idioms. 


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Conozca estos dos canales de YouTube para aprender inglés

Aprenda algo nuevo mientras practica inglés.

Las plataformas online se han transformado en una de las vitrinas preferidas para aprender inglés. En YouTube se pueden encontrar varias propuestas, nosotros os recomendamos estas propuestas:


1. The School of Life. Fundado en 2008, este canal trata de varios temas relacionados con la filosofía, el trabajo y el comportamiento. Con videos cortos, de hasta dos minutos, y narrados por su fundador, el escritor suizo-británico Alain De Botton, es una excelente posiblidad para practicar el idioma inglés mientras se aprende algo nuevo.

The Perfect Country:


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How Being Bilingual Rewires Your Brain

A woman walks past a display of a brain slice of patient "H.M." at the press preview for the MIT 150 Exhibition at the MIT Museum, celebrating Massachusetts Institute of Technology's 150 year anniversary, in Cambridge, Massachusetts January 7, 2011. Patient H.M. has been extensively studied because of his inability to form long term memories following brain surgery in 1953 for his epilepsy.   REUTERS/Brian Snyder    (UNITED STATES - Tags: SOCIETY EDUCATION BUSINESS ANNIVERSARY) - RTXWB86

A woman walks past a display of a brain.

It’s well known that being bilingual has cognitive benefits: switching between two languages has been compared to mental gymnastics. But now, research suggests that mastering two languages can fundamentally alter the structure of your brain, rewiring it to work differently than the brains of those who only speak one language. 

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Why You Should Learn a Second Language!

Learning a foreign language takes time and dedication. The reasons mentioned in the Why You Should Learn a Second Language Infographic may help to convince you to take the plunge, if such persuasion is needed. Some reasons are practical, some aspirational, some intellectual and others sentimental, but whatever your reasons, having a clear idea of why you’re learning a language can help to motivate you in your studies.



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